Team Building

Sure team building activities don’t require digital, but trust us, digital can bring that extra fun factor.

Our scavenger hunt app, for instance, was created to allow teams to compete in virtually any city you want to bring them to. Reason for that is quite simple, while you could use the common QR scanning method, which, don’t get us wrong, is totally functionnal with our system, we also provide you with an interface in which you can set up locations associated to questions that our end user app will only display if the user’s position matches the gps coordinates of the pin you dropped on the Google map in the admin interface.

What it does is it allows you to create scavenger hunts really faster. Of course we’ll equip the teams with 3G tablets so there connected everywhere, and of course you can twist things up by asking teams to take pictures etc.

We believe in gamification because we believe in changing the general approach to corporate event planning, and team building activites are a great example of that.

Drop us a line, we’ll help you design your next team building activity.

TravellerPad mobile applications are built with the best of HTML5, iOS and Android technologies. They are constantly reinvented with the last innovations so users can enjoy the best digital experience.

Our applications are fully customized, flexible and scalable so you can use your creativity to provide your events with an always renewed digital experience.

Let our agents give you the best of their digital savoir-faire.