We think digital can bring a whole lot to shows and exhibitions.

To begin with, we’ve designed interactive guestlist systems because we’ve worked with many hostesses and are therefore aware of how painful welcoming guests can get if you’re using paper guestlists at multiple entry points. Our digital guestlists just do it better and faster, with personalized check-in options. When used on tablets with 3G micro-sims in them, which we do provide, all you gotta do is turn on the devices.

Another great feature to better understand your visitors and to gather their opinion most efficiently is our polling app. We know you can picture this : secured iPads with a set of questions you can change at any time and that visitors are asked to answer, all the answers being instantly available online in XL spreadsheets for analysis. Of course you can add a twist like getting a chance to win a lot, we’ll be pleased to implement all your marketing ideas.

Last but not least, digital catalogs with pre-order and order systems can boost up your sales by giving your sales advisors more time to focus on what they do best : selling.

Those are only examples of course, let us know when your next trade show is, what you’re selling and we’ll come up with the best solution for your business.

TravellerPad mobile applications are built with the best of HTML5, iOS and Android technologies. They are constantly reinvented with the last innovations so users can enjoy the best digital experience.

Our applications are fully customized, flexible and scalable so you can use your creativity to provide your events with an always renewed digital experience.

Let our agents give you the best of their digital savoir-faire.