Seminars are privileged moments to get acquainted, share knowledge and brainstorm.

Our networking and brainstorming modules are designed to boost this process.

On a platform which you can give access to before the event, every participant can create his profile, contact infos being downloadable, and share with others in private or public discussions. The who’s who allows everyone to find out who’s there, what they do and what they are looking for. Cool thing is every thing happens on a platform that you can fully control, it’s basically a social network without the downsides of public contributions you need to constantly track down to ensure compliance with your corporate image and startegy.

As you can follow in real time the volume of exchanges, you can also adapt in real time, by setting specific workshops or challenges with scored questions etc.

You structure groups, stimulate participants and highlight performances.

TravellerPad mobile applications are built with the best of HTML5, iOS and Android technologies. They are constantly reinvented with the last innovations so users can enjoy the best digital experience.

Our applications are fully customized, flexible and scalable so you can use your creativity to provide your events with an always renewed digital experience.

Let our agents give you the best of their digital savoir-faire.