Digital Marketing

Now digital marketing is like where we started at. It is indeed the most obvious usage of tablets with an app designed to engage people more efficiently.

We develop all sorts of apps used during marketing operations, quite often street marketing operations as 3G tablets are, as usual, a great asset to any off-site operation.

So wether you wanna take pictures of people and automatically add branded elements to them, gather opinions on some visuals you have in an interactive way, put up a digital and fun ordering system in your bar, or even create games allowing people to win lots and so on, we can do all that in no time and deliver it branded exactly as you want it.

As a matter of fact, we take much pride in the fact that industry leaders entrust us with such operations.

Don’t hesitate, pitch us your mandate, we’ll let you know what we can do.

TravellerPad mobile applications are built with the best of HTML5, iOS and Android technologies. They are constantly reinvented with the last innovations so users can enjoy the best digital experience.

Our applications are fully customized, flexible and scalable so you can use your creativity to provide your events with an always renewed digital experience.

Let our agents give you the best of their digital savoir-faire.