Our digital solutions for conferences allow you to fully engage the audience while speeches are being given on stage.

We think that’s very relevant because we have extensive experience in event planning and we know that very often some will go numb while others will hang on to the microphone and monopolize the floor.

The TravellerPad apps allow you to solve both those issues with a two-way interactivity concept : participants can send questions whenever they want, questions that are then moderated and displayed the way you want, most probably during the QnA sessions you’ll have planned. But you can also push questions to the audience at specific times. Those questions pushed to the audience can be MCQs, opened questions, sortable questions, numeric questions or even tag questions. What’s cool is results show up in real time, giving a true digital feeling.

We think engaging the audience is the key to digitalize your events.

Send us your projects, we’ll build the most appropriate solution.

TravellerPad mobile applications are built with the best of HTML5, iOS and Android technologies. They are constantly reinvented with the last innovations so users can enjoy the best digital experience.

Our applications are fully customized, flexible and scalable so you can use your creativity to provide your events with an always renewed digital experience.

Let our agents give you the best of their digital savoir-faire.